Web And CMS Development

A Roadmap To The Emerging And Effective Web And CMS Development

web and cms development

Why do you want to partner with us?

During the web development process, there are 3 particularly important things for you as a founder:

Your vision

Your expectations, values, ideas, and beliefs are a priority to us, so in the end, you can get an outstanding website or web application for your specific target audience.

The vision/market fit

The business component of your web startup is also important to us. You can be sure that we will do our best to adapt your vision to the real needs and opportunities of the market.

The quality of the final product

You will get constant end-user orientation and transparent communication with us, while the use of the best product development solutions ensures an exceptional web application.

Why do you want to partner with us?

Can’t find a project that resonates with your vision?

Can’t find a project that resonates with your vision?

How do we develop web apps and websites?

You can get the most customer-friendly and startup-centric approach to the web development of sites or applications. Let's look at it step by step:

Initial communication

At this stage, you can meet our team and tell more about the project. You will find out what our web development team is and why we are a good fit for your startup. We will sign an NDA and find out your vision, expectations, and requirements.

Defining your product

Our team will define the scope of work based on your expectations and requirements. At the end of this stage, you will get an in-depth estimation and decomposition of future work as iterative deliveries.

Designing UX/UI

Based on your requirements, you will get the design services from a team of designers and web developers that are ready to design a user journey, user experience, and interface suitable for your future web development project.

Developing website

Your design will turn into a live web product. Developers set up the servers and code both backend and frontend. You’ll be able to track the progress in iterative demos.

Launching and scaling

Regular testing during development allows your target audience to get a quality website right after launch. It allows you and the team to get quality feedback and create a roadmap for future iterations and digital marketing strategies.

What do you get as a result of cooperation?

UX design

You will get a prototype that shows how to improve the website logic quickly and at a low cost. Your vision will be implemented in a user-friendly version.

Project management documentation

You will gain an interactive spreadsheet with:

  • technical detailed and human-readable requirements
  • features suggestions and roles decomposition
  • the team decomposition

You’ll be able to customize the development configuration and see the budget suggestions.

Your website

The main deliverable of the work will be your working website or web application.

  • technology stack and required libraries
  • general architecture of an app
  • database planning