We define and improve the business metrics of your product through engaging UX and fancy UI design

What design services for startups do we provide?

We provide you with complex design solutions. What are they?

UX Design

  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing and prototyping

UI Design

  • Visual design
  • Interaction design

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We would like to share how we will realize your idea and what you will get as delivery at each step. Let’s get started:

Design concept


Up to 3 days

Step 1. An introduction call

We understand your idea, your customers, and what value you’d like to offer them in a new way.


Step 2. Research & Inspiration

We do our own design research to find out common user patterns in your industry and how can we do them better.


Step 3. Mood board

As a result of our design-storm, you’ll get systemized and detailed design insights, ideas, and concepts.


Step 4. Rethink

This step is optional if you like what we do. If not, it’s worth starting over based on your feedback.

UX design


Up to 7 days

Step 1. Mind map

A schema contains all the roles and screens of your platform. It’s a quick and easy way to visualize business logic of any complexity so we don’t miss anything.


Step 2. Wireframes

Black and white screens of simple lines and shapes representing the skeleton of the platform.


Step 3. Prototype

We make wireframes clickable according to mind map screens placement.


Step 4. Initial feedback

This step is optional too. But if we get business logic wrong, let us know and we’ll revise it.
Professional UX UI audit of your Website or App
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UI design


Up to 4 days

Step 1. Analysis & Inspiration

We get back to our mood board and take a look at our findings again. It helps to find what you liked and invent what your customer will love too.


Step 2. UI kit

We create a set of files that contains critical UI components. It’s a development-friendly approach.


Step 3. User Interface

As a result of design work, you’ll get your finally polished platform and digital product. Fancy animation included.


Step 4. Another feedback round

UI is quite a subjective thing, but we’d like to design a product you’ll like. So we’ll stick to your feedback.