UX Audit Services

We provide UI/UX design review services and give you precise improvement recommendations. With iCube Business, you will increase your products’ UX quality, raise the conversion rate, get a competitive advantage, and achieve your business goals faster.

Our UX Audit Services

At iCube Business we are obsessed with responsive designs that provide a smooth customer journey.

UX Audit

We conduct a 360-degree heuristic evaluation of your product’s user experience. As a result, you get a clear plan on how to improve your user flow, align your design with common patterns, eliminate misleading UX solutions and extra elements, and fix all usability problems.

UI Audit

We perform a detailed assessment of your product interface design, from design inconsistencies to system responsiveness. With our UI audit report, you’ll be able to remove any visual flaws and deliver the best user experience possible.

Competitor Analysis

At your request, we conduct market and competitor research to identify what your product lacks to get on top. With this information in hand, you’ll get a chance to stand out on the market with your UI/UX solutions.

User Testing

To have a full picture of your user journey, we conduct user testing for essential product flows to identify the most valuable insights on how users interact with the product. Also, after the prototype is ready, we test it to increase the product’s reliability and save loads of money and time on adjusting your interface to align with our recommendations.

Benefits of Our UX Review Services

Let us conduct a UX audit for your digital product to give you a wide range of opportunities that will benefit your business.

Optimized user experience

When customers’ expectations aren’t met, your business risks losing customers. Let our UX review service help you identify and eliminate design-related user experience issues and achieve an easy-to-use product.

Increased conversion rate

A smooth user experience guarantees a high conversion rate. Our UX review service will help you come up with an effective design and eliminate barriers to purchase.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

A pleasant user experience is the basis of consumer loyalty. Our UX audit will help you improve the quality of your service and make your customers come back for more.

Competitive advantage

We discover how to make your product’s unique value more appealing to users. A UX audit allows you to refine your user experience to stand out from your competitors on the market.

Ready to benefit from our expert service and get more love from your users?

Our UI/UX Audit service step by step

We strive for the highest quality of our service and pay attention to every detail. This is what we do to give you a 360° vision of your product’s current state:

User Testing

User Testing

We highlight all user flow issues, so you can see what you need to fix for smooth interface performance:

  • Conduct user testing before UI/UX analysis
  • Check if everything works properly after we develop an improved prototype.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze your key competitors to show which improvements can give you a competitive advantage:

  • Market analysis
  • Competitor features analysis
  • Competitor UX analysis
  • Competitor UI analysis

Competitor Analysis

UI Audit

UI Audit

Our top specialists conduct a complete audit of all UI design-related issues including:

  • Design inconsistencies
  • Incorrect alignment
  • Problems with scaling
  • Insufficient contrast
  • Mobile responsiveness issues

UX Audit

iCube UX experts check for problems with your current user experience design, such as:

  • Navigation issues
  • Page hierarchy issues
  • Unclear user flow
  • Non-adherence to platform guidelines
  • Non-alignment with common design patterns
  • Misleading UX solutions
  • Missing/extra elements
  • System feedback issues and bugs
  • Usability problems

UX Audit

Let us show you how you can transform your product to gain loyal customers!