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Non-Fundigibal Token is changing how we used to talk about art, music, media and events. One can trade NFTs with the help of cryptocurrency. So, every NFTs are unique in their own way and it is almost impossible to duplicate them. iCube Business NFT developers can provide services to build an NFT marketplace to trade any digital assets you want.

NFT Marketplace for Digital Assets

Any digital file or asset can have its own unique identity through NFT. Our team of experts can help you develop a marketplace as per your requirements that allow every individual out there to trade their digital assets whether it is an image, digital art, meme or real estate property.

NFT Marketplace for Digital Art

NFT is more popular with digital art. NFT authenticates the uniqueness of the original artwork. One can copy or print the art but the original artwork will always remain with the owner. The artwork creator can get royalty even after selling the NFT artwork.

NFT marketplace for Music And Video

With the rise of NFT, many music artists and producers are redefining their relationships with fans. Many music industry leaders have converted their songs and albums to NFT and sold them for millions. Being the original creator they can get the royalty fee every time the previous owner sells the piece to the new owner. You can provide them with a platform where they can register and trade their work.

NFT Marketplace for Other Formats

Other than that, people can own NFTs for GIFs, tweets, memes or any other digital collectables. NFT integration is being utilized as ticketing for live events that provide unique identification to every NFT owner who can attend the virtual events. We can help you build a platform where they can register and authorize their digital collectables.

Unique Identification Card Authorization

The digital assets of the real world can provide an exceptional experience with NFT utilization. The events such as fan meet with celebrities, training session videos of athletes, Exclusive interviews of famous people incorporated can be accompanied with the NFT as providing a piece of a membership card that is completely unique for every individual member.
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