Streamline your development process with CTO on demand

Why do startups choose our mobile development consulting services?

We focus on three crucial aspects of software development success:

Business goals of MVP

The primary purpose of an MVP is to test the riskiest hypothesis and usability under real market conditions. We help you to define it and offer a budget-friendly way to develop an application.

Reaching out product/market fit

We help identify, generate and offer value power packs to target the right audience through the proper channels with your MVP to achieve product/market fit.

User-led product scaling

MVP is the initial step of startup development. We help you set up CustDev and development processes to establish your market position for fundraising, rapid growth, and attract the target audience.

What will you get?

UX design

You’ll get black and white clickable wireframes. It helps both the team and stakeholders to be on the same page in terms of business logic and features priority as well as make necessary changes cheaper and faster.

Project documentation

We’ll prepare the initial project documentation that will include a detailed description of each step, including mobile application development services, mobile strategy, mobile app consulting, market research, solutions, and functionality.

You’ll be able to customize the development configuration and see the budget suggestions.

Solution definition

We’ll help figure out your business needs and goals clearly, form them into the structural form and define the solution.