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Process We Follow
1. Requirement Gathering

We follow the first and foremost priority of gathering requirements, resources, and information to begin our project.

2. UI/UX Design

We create catchy and charming designs with the latest tools of designing to make it a best user-friendly experience.

3. Prototype

After designing, you will get your prototype, which will be sent ahead for the development process for the product.

4. Development

Development of application/web/blockchain started using latest tools and technologies with transparency.

5. Quality Assurance

iCube values quality and provides 100% bug free application with no compromisation in it.

6. Deployment

After trial and following all processes, your project is ready to launch

7. Support & Maintenance

Our company offers you all support and the team is always ready to answer every query after deployment.

Industries We Serve

eCommerce is permeating all facets of retail. Through true digital transformation we enable retail players to define the status quo, reach more customers, drive conversions and maximize sales.

A swathe of disruptions has seen eLearning take the center stage in education. We equip educators and learners with the technologies that redefine education and open new avenues for a brighter tomorrow.

Enabling rental companies to adopt digital technology, enhance value across the supply chain, predict customer demand, and club all business components to drive personalized user experience.

As a travel and hospitality business, elevate guest experience, streamline processes, consolidate additional revenue streams, and benefit from improved brand awareness.

Boosting direct to customer sales by harnessing the power of digital. We enable food and grocery companies to leverage data-driven insights and effectively meet evolving customer demands.

Driving true digital transformation in the gig economy through cutting edge online service marketplaces that deliver elevated user experience, smooth process-flows and cost and time efficiencies.

Creating value through extensively personalized buyer experiences. Our digital solutions enable global B2B enterprises to stay ahead of the curve and delight users with meaningful outcomes.

Delivering digital outcomes to real estate firms that improve security, collaboration between in-house teams and clients, slash overheads and streamline operations that maximize revenue.

We strengthen manufacturing and logistics entities by providing expertise to manage data, streamline processes, improve products, increase revenue, and optimize their supply chain.

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Who We Are?

Who We Are?

We Are SEOs, Designers, Developers and Strategists

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What We Do?

We believe in building strong brands
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Who We Help?

Our clients are creative, conversion
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Who We Work With

We worked with businesses either it is a start-up or enterprise and delivers the best solution in the industry. At iCube Business, we offer a broad range of app development services based on business requirements.

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Our software project evaluation process consists of several steps:

  1. Gathering initial requirements
  2. Rough estimation.And if our project proposal and rough estimate make sense to you as a client, then we sign the NDA and all necessary documents and begin our collaboration.But the project evaluation is still ongoing to provide you with the clearest and most up-to-date numbers.
  3. Discovery Phase
  4. UX/UI design
  5. Final evaluation
  6. Continue work or revise of contractTo avoid misunderstanding: the cost of discovery and UX/UI design phases are already included in the ballpark estimation.If the final estimation looks too high, there is always an option to cut some features or use a simpler, not-so-scalable solution.

    Finally, if the estimation of application development doesn’t work well for you, there is always an option to use the results of discovery and design prototypes to raise funds with angel investors or small VCs.

The first step in a project is to learn more about your (customer’s) software ideas, requirements, or expectations.

This will help us properly evaluate the project and ensure the smoothest and clearest communication possible.

As we said on the page above, we are Agile evangelists: flexible, customer-centric, and market-driven.

In other words, a product for us is a solution that competes with other existing solutions to be the best for the obvious and non-obvious pains of customers.

If your idea was to build a SaaS with automation and optimization features, but your co-founder discovered that your final users want to see blockchain, big data, or machine learning, we’ll surely follow your co-founder.

Not because we don’t like you, but because he or she talked to your final user, and don’t just imagine the product functionality.

Nope. We’re a full-cycle agency that covers everything under one roof: design to quality assurance.

There is no strict answer, but in general, the answer is that it depends on the product and how you approach marketing and customer development. If you know how to attract users and are ready to listen to them and analyze what insights they could share, there will always be work for updates.